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NorthStar proudly provides drilling fluid products and technical support to projects globally


NorthStar Fluid Solutions provide fluid and fluid waste management services for your project. During the project bidding process, we work with our customers to determine the amount and type of product required, based on geology, rig capability and environmental regulations.

A fluids program is generated to streamline drilling fluid performance once the project starts.

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NorthStar Fluid Solutions provides more detailed mud programs and drilling waste management programs for customers utilizing larger HDD and tunneling machines. The customer provides the project details such as geotechnical reports, specified equipment and environmental regulations. We use this information to generate a long form Drilling Fluids Program that encompasses pump rates, ROP, fluid volumes and fluid formulations.

Our comprehensive troubleshooting sections ensure the client is prepared for any surprises during the drilling program, including recommendations for:

  • Loss of circulation
  • Caving sand and gravel, and
  • Reactive clay and shale.

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During the project, technical support is available via phone, Internet and site visits. We can produce waste management plans for any project - whether mechanical separation or in-situ solidification using our STAR-SORB class of superabsorbent polymers, NorthStar Fluid Solutions is available for our customers at all project stages.

Our technical support team ensures that the best products for the application are recommended - including environmental, logistics, economical and mixing considerations.

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NorthStar Fluid Solutions Mud Schools or Mud Workshops are a great way for our customers to better understand the products and their application. They are held at customer locations and on field visits. This includes classroom/formal instruction and product demonstrations. A better understanding of the products and their applications will likely improve drilling efficiency and could cut fluid consumption costs.

Product training through mud schools/workshops and site visits reinforces the necessity of drilling fluids in project success. Constant customer contact ensures the best drilling fluid additive is utilized for optimal drilling performance. Speak with us about your mud school and training needs and we will work with your group to provide the best option.

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With decades of proven global technical, purchasing, and logistics experience—we guarantee your company will complete projects with technical and logistics support.

We have you covered with warehouses in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and competitive delivered product pricing globally. Our field staff are well versed in advanced drilling fluid technologies and take pride in on-site support and education.

Fluidos MayanStar was introduced in the fall of 2010 by the principles of NorthStar Fluid Solutions to directly service the Mexican Minerals Exploration and Water Well Drilling industry with local personnel, products, engineering, warehousing and transportation.

We believe that preparation and pre-planning is the key to any project. Whether you are embarking on a core drilling, water well, horizontal directional drilling or tunneling project—we are there to accompany you on your journey with customized mud programs designed to maximize your opportunity for success.

We also believe in providing quality products with value. That means products mix rapidly in most mixing systems. We design our drilling fluids systems with the minimum amount of products for maximum performance and success. It is our goal to help you reach your goals—maximum performance with the greatest rate of return.


At NorthStar Fluid Solutions, we offer world class unique out of the box thinking and solutions for our clients no matter the location around the world. We can move what you need, when you need it, in a cost effective, safe and secure manner that allows you to rest easy at night.

NorthStar Fluid Solutions has developed strong relationships with quality transportation companies for North American movements and contracts in place with Ocean carriers through our partnerships with several top of class Freight Forwarders around the world.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Rail Car-Box and Bulk-US, Canada, Mexico and beyond
  • Flatbeds, Box Vans, LTL-Domestic US, Canada and Mexico
  • Commercial Invoice, BOL and Customs Document preparation
  • Global 20 / 40 ft Container and Less Than Container shipping from origin to final destination

QHSE [Quality, Health, Safety & Environment]

Our Quality Health Safety Environment policy is very important to ensuring our employees and customers always work safely with the best quality products that have the least possible environmental impact.

We work directly with product manufacturers to ensure our customers get the best quality product for their application. We regularly retain and test samples of all our products at our warehouses and customer locations to ensure they continually meet our specifications. Health and safety information is provided to our clients or is made readily available to them.

Products are toxicity tested to ensure we never exceed the tolerances of the receiving environment. Most of our products have been tested for Aquatic Toxicity, Microtox, Metals and salinity.

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