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Our full line of NSF certified bentonites and polymers complement any water well project. High-yield bentonite and concentrated and readily dispersible dry polymers reduce wasted product and are easily removed during well clean up.

For conventional water well drilling, STAR-GEL XTRA is used primarily for viscosity, hole cleaning and gel strengths and forms the backbone for a competent filter cake. PAC-STAR DHV or PAC-STAR DLV, readily dispersible cellulose polymers, can be used to form a thin and impermeable filter cake, thus stabilizing sand and silt formations. STAR-DRILL DRY or STAR-DRILL LV can be used where clay formations are encountered. CLAY-STAR MT, a permanent clay stabilizer, can be used in place of polymers to prevent clay problems.

MAGMA FIBER, an acid soluble lost circulation material (LCM), can be used if any losses occur.

STAR-PLEX, an inorganic bentonite extender, will rapidly thicken the drilling fluid if seepage or full losses of circulation are encountered.


Air assisted or flood reverse drilling requires a low viscosity drilling fluid that will provide formation stability during drilling. Lower concentrations of STAR-GEL XTRA along with PAC-STAR DLV and STAR-DRILL LV or CLAY-STAR MT will generate low viscosity drilling fluids that are capable of providing consolidation of sand and silt and inhibition of clay formations.

STAR-PLEX, an inorganic bentonite extender, can be used at any time to quickly thicken fluids when seepage or full losses are encountered.


Air drilling for water exploration requires foam or stiff foam fluids during the drilling process. FOAM-STAR, a concentrated foaming agent, rapidly generates foam to lift cuttings and provide some stability to the formation. Stiff foams generate thicker foams in highly fractured or unconsolidated formations and where water flows are prevalent.

STAR-DRILL LIQUID or STAR-DRILL 2000 can be added to the make up water prior to adding FOAM-STAR. A light base viscosity, along with the foaming agent, will provide “shaving cream” consistency foam.

FAQ Products
You recommend product formulations for certain soil conditions - which product should I use in mixed conditions?

Your mud formulation should always address the more prevalent soil condition.

For example, if the formation is mostly sand, then you should formulate to treat sand in addition to the other anticipated geology.

What is the typical order of addition?

Make up water should always be tested and treated first. If you suspect you are working with hard water, then it should be treated with soda ash.

You should next mix your bentonite and give it time to hydrate for about 7-10 minutes.

Natural polymers like PAC and Trol should be added, followed by synthetic or PHPA polymers like Star Drill.

Liquid additives like clay control and lubricants should be added last.

Are your products environmentally safe?

All of our products undergo rigorous environmental testing.

We ensure the products used or recommended for your project meet all Federal, State/Provincial and local environmental regulatory requirements.

What is the benefit of using a liquid polymer?

Liquid polymer, although 30% or 50% active polymer content, will mix a lot faster and more efficiently than dry polymer.

Liquid polymers are typically used where hopper or high shear mixing systems are not available

Will powder polymers mix in any mixing system?

Readily dispersible powder polymers will mix more efficiently than standard dry polymers. We recommended that regular grade polymers are added very slowly to the tanks or through a hopper system.

Otherwise, dry PAC and Trol polymers should be pre-wet in vegetable oil or vegetable-based lubricants

Can I apply NorthStar dill rod grease to wet rods?

Yes, NorthStar drill rod grease is formulated to stick to wet rods.

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