Horizontal Directional Drilling

HDD Big Rig

NorthStar’s fluid programs for HDD provide drilling contractors and pipeline owners with an accurate estimate of fluid volumes, additive amounts, based on a detailed geological analysis of the proposed bore path. Each EDFP is tailored to meet the specific challenges of each crossing. Two types of EDFPs are available for all NorthStar customers, the Big-Rig and Light-Rig programs.


mud program

Big-Rig fluid programs are designed with large sized rigs (>100K lbs) in mind. Big-Rig programs are developed by NorthStar’s expert technical team. These programs give a comprehensive breakdown of fluid properties, rates of penetration, volumes and fluid compositions. These recommendations are based on a detailed geotechnical analysis of the proposed bore path and surrounding geology. Big-Rig programs contain troubleshooting sections, a geological walkthrough of the bore path and an application guide to help crews create and maintain the fluid system. NorthStar’s technical team will identify and provide solutions for any possible problems, saving crews and operators time and money.


Light Rig

NorthStar’s Light-Rig programs are presented in a simple one-page format. These programs are useful for mid to small sized drills (<100K lbs). Light-Rig programs contain fluid volumes, product amounts and recommended rates of penetration based on soil conditions. Light-Rig programs are suitable for small lines and short distances.