Technical Support

We offer technical support through phone, online and in-person visits during your project. We can also create waste management plans using mechanical separation or our STAR-SORB superabsorbent polymers. Our team recommends the best products for your application based on environmental, logistical, economical and mixing factors.

Training & Mud Schools

NorthStar Fluid Solutions offers Mud Schools and Workshops to help customers understand our products and their applications. These are held at customer locations and include classroom instruction and product demonstrations. Our training can improve drilling efficiency and reduce fluid consumption costs. We work with customers to provide the best training option for their needs.

Mud School - Kluane Drilling
Mud School - Kluane Drilling
Mud School Major Drilling
Mud School - Major Drilling
Funnel Vis Test
Marsh Funnel Training
Mud School
Mud School - Versa
Big mud school
First Colombian HDD Mudschool
onsite training
On-site Mud Testing Training
onsite training
Kulane Mud School
onsite training
Mud School - PEI
onsite training
Pipe Jacking Mudschool - Colombia